The Scottish Highlands really are full of hidden gems. We love stumbling across them!IMG-20170422-WA0004

Tarbat Ness Lighthouse


I just love the Spring; it’s definitely my favourite time of year. New life in the fields and in the flower beds always brings a smile to my face. This year my Easter holidays have been spent in the garden, in the saddle and in the caravan. Oh, and looking after the newest (temporary) member of our weird and wonderful clan!


Daisy looking a little too comfortable with life in St Magnus Road…

Waving farewell to my Twenties!

Well, it’s my final night of being a twenty-something-year-old and rather than doing something wildly outrageous, I’ve spent the evening flicking through old travel diaries and chilling by the fire. My twenties have been unbelievably fun – an action packed decade full of adventure and love. When I turned twenty I was living in Edinburgh with three of my best friends, enjoying a completely care free student life. Now that I’m turning thirty, day-to-day life may no be quite as care free (no more stumbling home via Samson’s on a Wednesday night after a last minute dash to The Chanter to binge on £1 vodka red bulls) but it’s exciting in a whole different way. Life is an adventure, and that’s not about to change any time soon. Cheers! ❤


Another Sunday spent roaming around Caithness, this time on the Yarrows Trail; set on a moorland near Haster. It’s a fun walk, littered with the remains of roundhouses and brochs. Very interesting place, and cool to try and imagine what life was like in our county hundreds or even thousands of years ago.


Aww LIFE!!!

Our Canadian visas have been approved! Another exciting chapter on the cards in 2017 as we plan our move across the Atlantic – I can’t wait!! I’ve always wanted to give ice hockey a bash….

Having lived in various rental properties for the past ten years, it sure feels great to be able to hang pictures, to buy furniture, and hey – if the mood takes me – pull up carpets. A few years ago I wasn’t sure if ‘home owner’ would ever be a title I held, but I love that we now have our own little nest in our hometown.


That’s not to say we’ll be in Thurso forever more, (or even this time next year – who knows!) but it’s lovely have a home which we can fill with all our souvenirs and artwork from around the globe. It’s also great having the space to offer friends a room when they visit the Highlands. And, of course, Hamish loves the extra space, the garden and the home comforts of St Magnus Road!

Hello 2017!

Well, 2017 has officially arrived! I’d planned for it to start with a bang… does an all-day Star Wars marathon count? We did manage a trip to the stables in the morning and a fabulously indulgent New Year’s Day dinner in the evening; not quite conquering a mountain or testing out my new snorkel kit as I’d imagined… but a much needed day of relaxation with James and Hamish went down a treat.

2016 has to have been the quickest year to date! It began in our lovely new home, then I  had a blast on the slopes in Italy and in Scotland (on my new board – thanks James!!), loved being Lindsay’s bridesmaid in the Summer, enjoyed a fantastic trip to Germany/Austria with James then a brilliant girly break in Budapest, booked our girls’ trip to Vegas, had a great season with Valhalla, and rounded off the year surrounded by wonderful family and friends ❤

It wasn’t without challenges of course, but hey – “A path without obstacles, probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” (Frank. A. Clark)

I’m definitely looking forward to 2017 and all the excitement it’s sure to bring!

Two year old, Inkstack Freya enjoying a snack in the sunshine on a fresh November morning.

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